EMC classes


Show classes

All normal show classes 1-12

National Show classes

Veteran class 17
(For cats between 6-10 years of age)

Pensionist class 18
(For cats over 10 years of age)

(min. 3 kittens from same litter in the age of 4-6 month)

Breeder Class
(For showed male or female of min. 5 showed offspring)

Cattery Class
(For Cattery with min. 7 showed cats from min. 2 different litters, all with the cattery name)

3 Generation Class
(For a “team” of 3 cats in 3 successive generations, who are already participanting in the show)

Fun Classes

Youngest Kitten

Oldest Cat

The most travelled cat (Longest distance from home to show hall)

NEW Litter Siblings NEW

(2 litter siblings all ages, a cat can only participate one time in this class)

Registration on the day at the showhall at MCO Club stand price 10 euro or 75 dkr.

The show is an Open Door Show. So non FIFe member can participate in class 12,11,10 or 9.